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A lot of people generally assume that locksmiths can only assist people in unlocking their doors, when they get locked out. This is far from the truth, as locksmiths in Calgary offer a wide range of services, not only for residential properties, but also commercial and automotive locks. A professional locksmith can be reached at any time of the day or night to help people with their lock-related issues.

Residential Properties

People getting locked out of their homes is a common occurrence. This can be extremely worrying for them if they lock themselves out in the middle of the night.

People do get locked out of their homes every now and then; sometimes at odd hours when they are not expecting anything of this sort to happen. Thanks to professional locksmiths, the doors can be unlocked in no time at all. Besides these services, installation, repair and replacement of locks can also be performed by locksmiths in Calgary.

A locksmith can help in the following situations involving residential clients:

  • Lost Keys – Losing a key is a real security threat as some people keep their spare keys in their wallets, along with personal information such as their address; this can result in a break-in if the key and the information gets into the wrong hands. This is why locksmiths can re-key the doors if they keys are lost.
  • Lock Repair – If the locks break, they can easily lock people out of the house. An inspection by a locksmith in Calgary can prevent such from happening.
  • Replacement of Locks – The locks can also be replaced by a locksmith if the need arises.

Locksmiths in Calgary can also unlock numerous types of locks such as padlocks, storm doors, dead bolts or door knobs.

Commercial Properties

Locksmiths in Calgary also serve commercial properties and offer the following services:

  • Master Systems Installation
  • Locks Re-Keying
  • CCTV Installation
  • Digital Keypad Locks Installation